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July 2018 - La Cenerentola at Manhattan School of Music

"Kelly Singer (Clorinda)... displayed some nutty comic charm, as well as [an] attractive instrument."

July 2019 - Emmeline at Manhattan School of Music

"Kelly Singer's bright soprano revealed buried innocence in the jaded Sophie, Emmeline's only friend."


March 2019 - Ades Vocal Competition at Manhattan School of Music

"...we heard the aptly named Kelly Singer who used her impressive artistry in two very different arias. She performed "Non, Monsieur mon mari" from Francis Poulenc's satirical operetta Les mamelles de Tirésias. Every gesture and facial expression seemed spontaneous but we are quite sure that she labored mightily to get every one just perfect. It was fine and funny and very French.

The judges asked to hear Händel next. "Piangerò" from Giulio Cesare was a perfect contrast to the Poulenc and gave us an opportunity to appreciate Ms. Singer's coloratura in the vocal fireworks of the middle section.  When the first theme reappeared we enjoyed the lavish embellishments."

May 2019 - Career Bridges Gala at the Metropolitan Club

"The aptly named Kelly Singer gave a deliciously dramatic performance of "Non, monsieur mon mari" from Poulenc's comic opera Les Mamelles de Tirésias."

October 2019 - "An Evening of Arias" at Weill Recital Hall (Carnegie début)

"Getting to the women singers, there was no faulting the gestures of the enchanting and aptly named soprano Kelly Singer, the only one on the program that we have heard many times before. Although we have enjoyed her Zerbinetta and her Clorinda, it is her performance of "Non monsieur mon mari", from the very funny Poulenc opera Les Mamelles de Tirésias, that we recall the best.

That seems to be Ms. Singer's signature aria, the one which earned her awards from both the Ades Competition and from Career Bridges. Ms. Singer knows exactly how to get a song across with the organic gestures that were missing from the baritone's performance. To say that we love her voice and admire her stage presence would be an understatement."

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